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Morning Prowl: Lloyd McClendon, Zumaya's Health, The Power Thames, and Useless Articles

For those wondering why the Tigers didn't fire Lloyd McClendon as hitting coach after the season, perhaps the team reached many of the same conclusions as Bill Ferris did at The Detroit Tigers Weblog. Did Tigers batters perform below expectations, compared to preseason projections? The answers might surprise you.

Dave Dombrowski told the Detroit News' Lynn Henning that there's "no question" Joel Zumaya will be 100% healthy by Spring Training.

Here's a thought: How can anyone ever not have a question about Zumaya's health?

Were the Tigers actually the third-best team in the AL Central, despite their narrow second-place finish? Beyond the Box Score's Power Rankings say yes. This may be why these baseball teams play the games.

John Lowe doesn't come right out and say it in the Freep, because a decision hasn't been made. But if Marcus Thames's main job is to hit home runs, and he didn't hit any after mid-August, is there any way he has a spot on the Tigers roster next year?'s Jon Heyman fills out his awards ballot (also including his picks for worst performances of the year). He thought very highly of one Tiger, while eliminating another entirely from consideration.

I believe we shot down any interest in Scott Podsednik last week. But just in case any curiosity lingers, consider that South Side Sox hopes Podsednik either ends up as their fourth outfielder or doesn't return to the team at all.

Ernie Harwell finds himself high on the list of Richard Deitsch's Media Power Rankings for the month of September.

Sometimes, bloggers attempt to write a post, only to talk themselves out of the argument they originally tried to present. Or they just reach a dead end. I wonder if something similar happened to the NY Times' Ben Shpigel when he wrote this article.