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Nowhere Near Good Enough: White Sox 8, Tigers 0

If Jake Peavy was going to pitch against the Detroit Tigers the way he did last week, their chances of winning likely wouldn't have been that strong.

But at least the Tigers could've looked competitive on Friday night. Losing 8-0 with a division championship at stake doesn't exactly give that impression.

Edwin Jackson fell behind three pitches into the game, teeing up a fastball to Scott Podsednik that he crushed down the right-field line for a home run. For the next two innings, Jackson looked as if he might have settled down and been ready for a toe-to-toe duel with Peavy.

But the White Sox pecked away with a RBI double by Jermaine Dye in the fourth and a solo homer by Carlos Quentin in the fifth. A 3-0 deficit was looking pretty formidable with the Tigers' bats looking helpless against Peavy.

Oh, if only the score had stayed at 3-0. Jackson couldn't quite find the strike zone in the sixth inning, and when he did, neither his slider nor fastball had much movement. Three of the first four White Sox batters drew walks, working the count and fouling off plenty of those sliders. Dye's walk brought in a run to make it 4-0, and that started the grease fire. Mark Kotsay followed up with a two-run double, and Jackson's night was over.

Jackson ended up with eight runs allowed (two of those runs were let in by Casey Fien, but charged to Jackson). That's the fourth time in his last five starts that he's given up at least five runs. For those who feel that the Tigers could take three strong starting pitchers into the playoffs, Jackson hasn't been doing much to warrant that kind of confidence lately.

But back to Peavy, who's looked dominant against Detroit in two starts. He gave up just two hits in eight innings tonight. Two hits. He's pitched 15 scoreless innings versus the Tigers, allowing eight hits with 13 strikeouts. Peavy might not have recovered in time to help the White Sox challenge for the AL Central title, but he's most certainly exerting his influence on the race.


With only two hits, there were plenty of oh-fers in the Tigers lineup tonight. But Miguel Cabrera had an 0-for-4 night to go with his 0-for-3 versus Peavy last week. He's now 2-for-23 (.087) facing Peavy over his career.

Comment of the Night:

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