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Beck on WDFN: Guillen Frustrated with Leyland Since September Tigers beat writer Jason Beck appeared on WDFN Tuesday afternoon with Matt Shepard and Drew Sharp to discuss the Carlos Guillen situation.

(I know 'DFN has been back on local programming for a few weeks now, but it's nice to have more Detroit sports talk for these kinds of interviews. 97.1's afternoon drive-time show isn't doing stuff like this.)

You can listen to or download a podcast of the segment at the WDFN website, but here are some bullet points from the conversation.

  • According to Beck, Guillen began showing frustration with his role in early September, but didn't want to talk about it during the playoff race. He knew Guillen wanted to talk after the season was over, though.
  • Guillen had a problem with Jim Leyland constantly changing lineups, and bringing this to the team's attention may have been why he chose to voice his complaints through the media.
  • When asked by Sharp if Guillen could be traded, Beck said he "can't see a scenario" in which that would happen.
  • Shepard wonders if this is "a Latin America thing," in that Latin players seem to take pride in playing the infield, especially shortstop.
  • Beck believes it would take "a heck of a deal" for the Tigers to consider trading Curtis Granderson. Outfielders from other teams have talked about how difficult it is to play centerfield at Comerica Park, so why trade a guy who's shown he can do it? (Especially if Guillen and Ordonez play the corner spots.)