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UPDATE: Scott Sizemore's Ankle Needs Surgery

Scrap today's earlier post that said Scott Sizemore would need six weeks to recover from a fractured ankle. As mentioned in that post, Sizemore was flown to Detroit to be examined by the Tigers' doctors today. A MRI exam turned up additional cartilage damage in the ankle. That means he'll require surgery.

Sizemore explained to the Freep's John Lowe why surgery is necessary:

"The torn tendons cause instability in the ankle," Sizemore said. "They are going to put in a few screws to lock everything into place."

The Tigers' second-base prospect still hopes to be ready by Spring Training, but his recovery time will now take longer. How much longer exactly wasn't revealed.

Questions about second base and how the Tigers will deal with Placido Polanco once he files for free agency seemed to have been setlled when Sizemore's injury didn't look quite so serious. Now those questions might be opened up again.