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World Series Game 1 Open Thread

Okay, here we go.  After seven months of baseball, it's finally down to the last two teams.  And it probably worked out the way it was supposed to.  The Philadelphia Phillies and New York Yankees probably are the two best teams in baseball.  This series should be a battle.

If you know any Cleveland Indians fans, you might want to be kind to them.  Or confiscate their belts and shoelaces.  Game 1 shouldn't be easy for them.  Tonight's starting pitchers are Cliff Lee for the Phillies and CC Sabathia for the Yankees.  The last two AL Cy Young Award winners, both former Indians, now starting for different teams in the World Series.

The Good Phight and Pinstripe Alley are your SB Nation sites to follow this evening.

So what are your predictions for the series?  Here at BYB HQ, we say Phillies in six games.