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Tied Rhymes With Died: White Sox 5, Tigers 1

Words fail to recap this game. What can really be said?

Actually, I think the fans at Comerica Park said it quite well as the home team left the field tonight.

The Detroit Tigers and Minnesota Twins are now tied for first place in the AL Central. It really is now "do or die." If the Tigers don't win tomorrow, their season is more than likely over. At best, that would probably force a one-game tiebreaker on Tuesday. But does anyone in Tiger Town really want to count on the Twins losing?

It's all on Justin Verlander's right shoulder tomorrow. He's carried this team all season, so why should his last regular season start be any different?

Comment of the Night:


It’s like our guys are an asthmatic running a marathon and they’re in the lead with the finish line in sight but the bronchi are seriously tightening up.

by SabreRoseTiger

Clerical Issue:

Effective immediately, there is now a two-day waiting period before new members can post a comment. The anger fans are feeling right now is obviously understandable, but the negativity and trolling is getting out of hand. This might be a temporary policy. We'll see.