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BYB and Chat About the Tigers-Twins Playoff

As mentioned last night, I was a guest on Seth Stohs' Minnesota Twins podcast last night to preview this afternoon's tiebreaker between the Twins and Detroit Tigers.

We covered was the week that was for both the Tigers and Twins. Seth wanted the Tigers fans' perspective, and I couldn't help but chuckle when he asked if we were scoreboard watching. (You have no idea.)

Of course, we had to address the Miguel Cabrera situation. It's impossible to discuss what happened this past weekend versus the White Sox without acknowledging the role this played. Seth was curious how this might affect the Tigers in today's game.

And he wanted to know what I thought about the Tigers' chances. I'll say here what I'll say approximately eight hours from now for our GameThread. If there's one starting pitcher from the Twins that I'd want the Tigers to face, it's Scott Baker. And we also talked about what to expect from Rick Porcello.

You can listen to the clip or download the file from the accompanying link below. It's just over 12 minutes long. We had some troubles with the phones at the beginning of the segment, and I trimmed that out. (The entire podcast is available here.)

Thanks again to Seth for inviting me on his show. We might chat again during the postseason, which would be fun.