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Tigers Lose With Valor in 12th Inning, 6-5

It was a five-hour thrill ride. 12 innings of emotion. And there is so much to process from this game.

There were heroes and goats. Fielding excellence and defensive incompetence. Clutch hitting, and failure to produce when it counted. There was plenty of redemption. And several players went above and beyond what they're normally called upon to do.

The Detroit Tigers and Minnesota Twins played what has to be defined as a classic, in a last battle for the AL Central title. And while Tiger Town is surely disappointed with the final score, take pride that your baseball team fought to the very end.

Tigers lose, 6-5, in 12 innings, and thus cede the AL Central to the Twins in a heartbreaker.

There will be a recap at some point, but for now, thank you to each and every reader who devoted their night to spending their time with this community. And not just tonight, of course, but throughout the entire season. Regardless of the outcome, this was truly an amazing night, and you deserve applause for enduring it together.