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Jack Morris, Baseball Fan and Idea Man

Jack Morris apparently thought so much of Tuesday's tiebreaker game between the Detroit Tigers and Minnesota Twins that when such a situation arises again, he'd like to see even more of it.

As Morris said to Mark Snyder in the Detroit Free Press:

"It's ironic it happens back-to-back years, but the division is just that way right now. I think it's unfortunate one team has to go home today. I think it should be a three-game playoff myself."

What, the previous 162 games on the schedule aren't enough to avoid just such a scenario?

So the other playoff teams to wait a week until they play? There's already too much off-day fat in the postseason schedule. And just how far back do you want the rest of the postseason to get pushed back? "Happy Thanksgiving from the World Series, everyone!"

Do we also dwell on Morris's utter abuse of the word "ironic"? No, that would be mean, I suppose.

(Obviously, we've moved to the "anger" stage of grief today. Although I think I'm moving backwards on the Kübler-Ross model.)