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What Fills the Baseball Void?

So we're now into our third day since the Detroit Tigers lost the AL Central to the Minnesota Twins. Baseball hasn't stopped; it keeps moving on. The Twins are playing the Yankees now. The Cardinals are already close to elimination from the playoffs. Etc. And some of us might be following the playoffs to cure that baseball fix.

Other Tigers fans may now be moving on to the next sport on the calendar. The Red Wings' season just began. College and pro football are a quarter of the way through their schedules. The Pistons just began their preseason. And that's just on a local basis. That's also presuming you're a fan of other sports.

But some of us might still be habitually turning on FOX Sports Detroit at 6 p.m. EST. Others might still be getting up early to check the latest news surrounding the team. Several are still clicking over here to see what's going on (and I assure you that we here at BYB HQ appreciate that). And for right now, there are still some dangling loose ends that need to be tied up or snipped away.

Eventually, however, it will sink in. Baseball season is over in Tiger Town. And many of us will have to find other things to do, other ways to spend our time. And I think it would be interesting to know how their fellow fans might go about doing that.

The idea for this came from my dear friend Ms. Hooz, who called me after Tuesday night's game. She's not a baseball fan, but she knows the personal and somewhat professional role it plays for me. And while she knew I was disappointed, I think she was also looking forward to "having me back again," to take a renewed interest in all the things I've been putting off during the daily baseball grind. The shows clogging up my DVR, the rooms of my house that need to be cleared out, the books stacked high atop my desk, the walls that need to be painted, the Netflix discs I've had for so long I may as well just buy them. Etc.

But she also suggested that it might be a fun idea for a blog post. What are other people going to do with their time? What takes the place of those baseball games and everything else that following the sport involves? Thus, today's open thread. Just what are you going to be doing?