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Phillies Looking at Polanco to Play Third Base

Could Placido Polanco play third base for the Phillies next season?

The Philadelphia Inquirer's Jim Salisbury reports that Polanco is one of three players the National League champs are looking at to take over for Pedro Feliz. (Chone Figgins is out of their price range, apparently.)

Polanco played for the Phillies from 2002 to 2005, before coming to the Tigers in a trade for Ugueth Urbina. He was the Cardinals' primary third baseman from 2001 to 2002, and as part of the deal that send Scott Rolen to St. Louis, he took over for Rolen at that position. Overall, he played 95 games at third for the Phillies before getting moved over to second base.

Despite just winning a Gold Glove for his play at second base, Salisbury reports that Polanco is willing to move to third base if it's for a playoff contender. The Phillies would prefer to sign Polanco to a one-or-two year contract, close to the $4.6 million he made this year with Detroit.

You'd think Polanco could get a raise (even if it's a small one), given the season he just had, along with the market for second basemen. But playing for a team that could make another World Series run would obviously have an appeal.

Looking at this through Tiger-striped glasses, however, watching Polanco play third base for another team would drive me temporarily nuts. I understand that his career in Detroit is likely over. That's not my problem. I think letting Scott Sizemore take over at second next year is the right baseball move.

But near the trade deadline, it appeared that the Tigers were looking at players who could possibly fill in for the increasingly aching and injured Brandon Inge at third base. Guys such as Marco Scutaro and Freddy Sanchez. A solution may have already been on their roster, yet the option was never even discussed. Would the Tigers' late-season offense have had a bit more punch, had Polanco been moved over to third, with Ramon Santiago taking over at second? Or perhaps giving Sizemore the September call-up he deserved?

Maybe Detroit thought their defense at third would suffer. But the Phillies sure seem to think they'd be okay with Polanco over there.