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World Series Game 5 Open Thread

Cliff Lee has been the Phillies' most important pitcher since they acquired him near the July trade deadline.  So perhaps it's fitting that he's on the mound when his team needs him the most, with a 3-1 series deficit.  (Surely, some Phillies fans would argue that Lee should've pitched last night.) 

Meanwhile, Joe Girardi appears to be going for the kill, pitching A.J. Burnett on short rest, one night after doing so with CC Sabathia.  Last night, a couple of analysts on MLB Network thought Girardi was being too hasty and could afford to take a chance with a lesser pitcher (Chad Gaudin) on the road, with two potential home games coming up.  I think I prefer Girardi's approach.

Pinstripe Alley and The Good Phight are your SB Nation sites to follow, for what could be the last game of the 2009 season.