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BYOBYB: Friday Open Thread

Free agency is now underway, but the prevailing opinion seems to be that teams will try to improve themselves through trades before shopping the open market. Judging from all the rumors swirling around the Detroit Tigers, that's going to be Dave Dombrowski's approach.

And if this offseason is anything like last year's, some of these free agents, especially the middle- to lower-tier - could be looking for contracts well into January, as teams wait for prices to go down.

I guess that's my long-winded way of saying there probably won't be much action today. So after a one-week hiatus (due to Curtis Granderson trade rumors), BYOBYB returns. Whatever's on your mind - whether it's the Tigers, baseball in general, or something off-topic - you can discuss it here.

Possible topics to discuss:

  • Will Edwin Jackson be a Detroit Tiger by Thanksgiving?
  • Do you expect the Tigers to make any moves with free agents before the Winter Meetings?
  • Did baseball really need to drag out its awards announcements, holding off the MVP picks until next week?
  • What are your Thanksgiving plans? Are you traveling? Are you hosting? Will it be a big bonanza with family or friends? Or something more low-key?
  • And if we're talking Thanksgiving, we have to discuss your favorite dishes.

But those are just suggestions. Bring up whatever you'd like. This open thread now belongs to you, people. Enjoy your weekend!