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Today in FanPosts/FanShots: Mike Ilitch, Top Prospects Lists, and Miguel Cabrera

This isn't going to be a regular feature, but as we're trying to steer some attention over to the FanPosts and FanShots sections, we'll try to highlight the links and articles that your fellow BYB readers have taken the time to post.

  • demondeaconsbaseball posted a link from MLB Trade Rumors regarding Peter Gammons' latest blog post. Would Mike Ilitch allow a fire sale?
  • MackAveKurt linked to Baseball Prospectus' list of top 10 Tigers prospects, courtesy of Kevin Goldstein. Who are the jewels of Detroit's farm system?
  • SabreRoseTiger linked to a blog post by the Freep's John Lowe, in which he comments on the possibility of the Tigers trading Miguel Cabrera.
  • rook34 links to an article in which White Sox GM Kenny Williams critical comments about Bobby Jenks' conditioning (or lack thereof).
  • One more from demondeaconsbaseball, and one more regarding the Tigers' top prospects. This top 10 list is Marc Hulet at Fangraphs.

Thanks to those who posted FanPosts and FanShots today, instead of posting links in the comment threads of other main page posts. Hopefully, we'll start getting more comments in response to those links, as we all get used to people using those features more frequently.