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Morning Prowl: Miguel Cabrera's Non-Tradability, Giving Away Edwin Jackson, and Casper Wells Interviewed

We've heard from Lynn Henning, who believes the Tigers could trade Miguel Cabrera to the Red Sox. We've heard from John Lowe, who thinks Cabrera's contract makes a deal difficult to pull off. (Buster Olney concurs, as does Matt Klaassen at Fangraphs.) But have we read anything from the Red Sox point of view?

The Boston Globe's Peter Abraham says the Sawx should steer clear of Cabrera, citing his weight, his contract, and The Events of October 3 as major concerns. Abraham doesn't buy into the Tigers being in financial trouble, either, so if Cabrera's being shopped around, potential suitors should ponder why that is.

One more Cabrera note: At Twinkie Town, Jesse Lund wrote a note for Keizo Konishi, the one guy who didn't give his first-place MVP vote to Joe Mauer.

Lighten up, Jesse. The Twins might be pursuing Rich Harden this winter.

Yahoo! Sports' Jeff Passan talked to a baseball executive who doesn't understand why the Tigers are acting "like they want to give" Edwin Jackson away. Passan goes on to criticize Dave Dombrowski for the poor decision-making (and contracts) that have put him in the position of trying to trade a pitcher like Jackson.

Yesterday, Kevin Goldstein ranked outfielder Casper Wells #11 on his list of the Tigers' top prospects at Baseball Prospectus. (Didn't these lists used to come out closer to Spring Training?)

Wells was also interviewed by BP's David Laurila, discussing topics such as overcoming his wrist injury, his surprising power this season, working with different hitting coaches, and majoring in TV and film at Towson University.

In case you missed it (or bumped up against BP's pay wall), Fangraphs also posted their list of the top 10 Tigers prospects. One key difference is that Marc Hulet didn't include 2009 draft picks in his rankings.

Reliever Robbie Weinhardt opened some eyes with his performance in the Arizona Fall League championship (two hitless innings, four strikeouts). At Fire Jim Leyland, Mike Rogers takes a look at Weinhardt through Pitch F/X, which shows that Weinhardt throws strikes pretty consistently and has three pitches to work with.

Simon on Sports has been asking baseball bloggers to answer 10 offseason questions about the specific teams they cover. I was asked about the Tigers, which you can read here. We discussed the current trade rumors, the fate of Placido Polanco, and who Detroit would sign if money wasn't an obstacle, among several subjects.