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BYOBYB: Friday Open Thread

The Hot Stove season got under way yesterday with players filing for free agency, and a handful of deals already getting made. But facing the weekend, let's do some BYOBYB. Whatever's on your mind - whether it's the Tigers, baseball in general, or something off-topic - you can discuss it here.

I'm thinking this will be a regular Friday thing during the offseason, unlesss people would like to see more of it. A few weeks ago, someone suggested daily open threads. That seems like a bit much to me, especially as rumors and transactions begin to pick up. But we're open to suggestions.

Other topics to discuss:

  • The Twins, Royals, and White Sox have already jumped head-first into the offseason. Will the Tigers be quick to follow, or might there be a more cautious approach this winter?
  • For those who wanted J.J. Hardy, what hurts more: Seeing another team get him or him going to a division rival?
  • Which of the Tigers' free agents would you most like to see return?
  • Did you watch any of the Yankees' championship parade (or the "Canyon of Heroes," as they're calling it) this afternoon?
  • madpoopz tested out his flamethrower. He's posted video in a FanPost, if you'd like to check that out.

And with that, this open thread belongs to you, people. Enjoy your weekend!