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Introducing your Bless You Boys team!

I'm happy to announce the Bless You Boys editorial team, coming to a Bless You Boys near you soon!

I've asked Big Al, Mike Rogers, Alli and Ian to be the initial members of the team when I receive the master key to the site. I think each of them brings a unique asset to the team and will help the site only get better every day.

BYB Team

Managing Editor -- Yours truly! -- I think I appear less sabermetric-oriented than many Internet baseball writers. But I do spend way too much time at Fangraphs and other sites out there trying to learn as much as I can to become a better analyst. I like to write. You may have read my week long series on Dave Dombrowski. I also enjoy writing column-style stuff.

After the jump, you'll find an introduction to the rest of the folks you'll be hearing a lot more from soon:

Deputy Editor -- Big Al

Al is best known for his work at The Wayne Fontes Experience. For a long time, he was an entertaining voice in the Tigers blogging community before taking his blog nearly full time to the Lions. In the past, he's summed up Kyle Farnsworth with a photo essay, searched a thesaurus to describe the Minnesota Twins, and kept the burning questions glowing even after the Detroit News abandoned the column format. Al will help us keep track of breaking news, provide some analysis from time to time and also share his very formidable knowledge of Tigers history with us. Al will be a fun and valuable member of the team.

Deputy Editor -- Mike Rogers

Better known for Fire Jim Leyland Tigers by the Numbers, Mike has been active in both sabermetric and prospect communities on the Internet. Expect to see him bring those angles to BYB in his writing. He has spent a lot of time working with Pitch F/X data to break down pitching tendencies. He also creates fun charts on topics such as "Is Acquiring Bobby Crosby a Good Move?" But Mike doesn't just limit himself to sabermetrics. He also proposes controversial ideas like questioning Tigers GM Dave Dombrowski. Mike is an excellent bridge to the sabermetric world and it will be exciting to work alongside him.

Editor Emeritus -- Ian

Ian really needs no introduction, of course. He'll be the voice of our Twitter feed, and he'll be dropping by with posts and comments of his own from time to time. I've known Ian for what feels like forever, so I'm glad he'll still be around our community.

Thread moderator -- Allikazoo

Anyone who is closing in on 10,000 comments must know a thing or two about watching the threads, so I've asked Alli to keep track of them for me, as well as providing overflow coverage for our very popular game threads.

The readers

I encourage all of you to create your own entries in the Fan Posts area of our site, or to post breaking news in the Fan Shots. These are both incredibly valuable assets of all SB Nation blogs, and I hope you continue to use them and even expand your use. I am always happy to promote quality analysis to the front page. Create your own weekly series if you like. Become involved as you want, it's more fun for everyone that way.