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Farewell to Placido Polanco Open Thread

Maybe this has already been covered in the comments of yesterday's post regarding Placido Polanco and the likely end of his stay with the Detroit Tigers. But an open thread in which people could post their favorite memories of Polanco's Tigers career seems appropriate.

Does any play come to mind when you think of Polanco? A particular game? (I think I know the memory several of you will choose, but it could still be fun to read - or see.) Maybe it's not even that specific. Polanco's arrival in Detroit - with probably the best trade that Dave Dombrowski ever made - coincided with the Tigers' return to contention in the American League. And his seemingly certain departure signals a change for this team.

I'm of the belief that letting Polanco go was a move the Tigers had to make. But that doesn't mean I didn't enjoy watching him for the last five seasons. I'll always remember something that took place on the field, but not during a game. Polanco becoming a U.S. citizen last year is one of my most enjoyable memories of his Tigers career. For me and my family, that hit a personal note, as my mother struggled for quite a few years to earn her citizenship. (If only you waited a couple of years, Ma, maybe you could've been sworn in at Comerica Park.)

Other than that, I just enjoyed Polanco's batting ritual. Stepping into the box with his right foot, waggling his bat back and forth, or raising it over his head to stretch out his shoulders, clenching his teeth the whole time. I hope I didn't steal anyone's comment by mentioning that.

So enough from me. It's your turn. What are some of your favorite Placido Polanco memories?