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Evening Prowl: Updated Prospects List, Your Next Tiger, Phil Nevin, and Detroit Bad Boys

Fangraphs has updated its list of the Tigers' top 10 prospects to include Austin Jackson and Daniel Schlereth, who came to Detroit in the Curtis Granderson-Edwin Jackson trade.

(via Motown Sports)

At Take 75 North, Matt Wallace talks about the player who could become your next Tiger. (Hint: He developed through Detroit's minor league system, and is virtually assured of a starting job next season.)

Buster Olney thinks the Mets should make a run at Fernando Rodney (since he wouldn't cost a first-round pick), giving him a two-year deal to pitch set-up for Francisco Rodriguez. [Insider]

Would the movie Avatar have been more fun if Samara Pearlstein illustrated the Na'vi, instead of the digital wizards of Weta? Perhaps not. But Brent Clevlen with Tiger paws and a tail wasn't seen on Pandora.

The Royals signed Brian Anderson to be their centerfielder next season. As our friend Sam Mellinger points out, that means Kansas City will feature Jason Kendall, Yuniesky Betancourt, and Anderson up the middle next season. (But hey, they will have those powder blue hats.)

Does this mean the Josh Anderson era in K.C. is over? Yes, he was non-tendered almost two weeks ago.

Anyone looking for a piece of Tiger Stadium can find one at Wayne State baseball games this spring. As the Detroit Athletic Co. tells us, the old auxiliary scoreboard from Tiger Stadium has been installed at WSU's ballpark. Go Tartars Warriors!

(via The Detroit Tigers Weblog)

If you're still scratching your head about Phil Nevin being named the manager at Double-A Erie, this article won't help you with that. But it might be interesting to read that Nevin says he was inspired to manage after playing for Sparky Anderson.

Welcome Detroit Bad Boys to the SB Nation family! DBB has merged with Motown String Music, making for the killer Pistons blog that SBN should have. Best wishes to Matt Watson and Brian Packey in this new venture.