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Happy Holidays From BYB

As you travel to your holiday destination of choice, or make preparations for the big occasion, we wish you Happy Holidays. It hasn't been the most fun offseason in Tiger Town, coming off a heartbreaking end to the season. But this is a time of year where we can (hopefully) forget about whatever might be troubling us, enjoy the company of loved ones, and look forward to the new year to come.

Unless something of note happens, we'll return on Monday. (Unless you were hoping for a post on Matt Capps signing with the Nationals. $3.25 million was probably right in the Tigers' range. That is, if they were thinking about a free agent closer. But seriously, the Nats?)

Thank you, as always, for taking the time to read BYB and help build what's become a great community. Please have a happy and safe holiday season. May you have gotten exactly the gift you were hoping for. And if you're attending the BYB Holiday Meet-Up, we'll see you on Saturday.