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Lunchtime Prowl: Verlander's Contract, All-Decade Tigers, Adios Escobar, and Mike Cameron

Not a lot going on out there after a holiday weekend, but enough to put together a little bit of a Prowl. Did your Christmas go well?

Tom Gage wonders what kind of contract Justin Verlander is looking at for next year, and seasons to come. If he signs a one-year deal to avoid arbitration, he stands to at least double the $3.675 million he made this year. But what if he and the Tigers can hammer out a long-term agreement? Is a $100 million contract in the realm of possibility? (That's what Seattle's Felix Hernandez is reportedly seeking.)

Something Gage doesn't touch on, however, is how Verlander might feel about signing with Detroit long-term in light of the moves they've made this offseason. A nine-figure contract would probably alleviate many of those concerns, of course. Dollar, dollar bills, y'all.

Kurt linked to this in a FanShot, but I thought it was worth bringing up here, as well: The Detroit Free Press put together its All-Decade Team for the Tigers, and it's not all that pretty. But you already knew it was pretty rough for at least six of those 10 years.

If Kelvim Escobar was someone you hoped the Tigers would take a chance on, he's no longer available. Escobar agreed to a one-year, $1.25 million contract with the Mets over the weekend. The deal is loaded with incentives, including a $125,000 bonus for making the Opening Day roster, along with a possible $3 million more, depending on how many games Escobar pitches and finishes.

Getting Mike Cameron was probably always wishful thinking, considering the Tigers' budget concerns this offseason. But Buster Olney mentions on his blog that the Red Sox could explore trading him (after just signing him) if they end up signing Matt Holliday or Jason Bay. [Insider]

Since Cameron just signed with Boston, however, he can't be traded without his permission before June 15. Olney also mentions that the Red Sox would probably have to cover some of his $15 million he's now owed over the next two seasons.