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Polanco, Lyon, and Rodney the Worst Free Agent Signings?

I don't think you could exactly split Detroit Tigers fans down the middle, regarding the free agents that the team has lost this offseason. But I know there's some difference of opinion.

Some people didn't like letting Placido Polanco go, and don't like the idea of embracing the unknown with a rookie second baseman next year. And while I think many fans are generally okay with Brandon Lyon and Fernando Rodney move on (especially with the contracts each player received), there are some concerns about where this leaves the Tigers' bullpen.

But were the contracts that these now-former the three worst free agent contracts handed out this offseason? Tim Dierkes of MLB Trade Rumors puts them atop his list of the five worst:

  • Placido Polanco, Phillies - three years, $18MM. Where was the demand for a 34-year-old second baseman coming off a .727 OPS? What other club would've offered even one or two years at $5MM per?
  • Brandon Lyon, Astros - three years, $15MM. Lyon's not a bad pitcher, but this commitment is excessive. He's not a high strikeout guy, and his '09 control was a career-worst.
  • Fernando Rodney, Angels - two years, $11MM. What would Rodney have gotten without the 37 saves? I have a reliever, 33 in March, who posted a 4.40 ERA, 7.3 K/9, and 4.9 BB/9. Can I find a one-year, $2MM offer?

Agree? Disagree? Does this make you feel any better about the Tigers letting those three players walk? Or might it confirm what you already thought?

(Thanks to CoreyMichaelDC for sending this along via e-mail. After his new member waiting period is finished, he'll hopefully be contributing more comments and discussion to the BYB community.)