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J. Meric

With a large number of new faces (or usernames, more accurately) popping up in the comments lately, I figured this was as good of a time as any to re-promote our rules and guidelines. Discussions have been fantastic so far this offseason, and we want to keep it that way!

Be sure to check out our Welcome Guide and our How-To Post on FanPosts and FanShots! --Rob


This is a baseball site. It is not talk radio, a message board or your personal blog. People should feel like Bless You Boys is a fun place to be a Tigers fan of any sort -- from the casual fan who just likes to take in a ball game with friends, to the statistics parsers who enjoy more complicated analysis. New people should be made to feel welcome.

Vigorous disagreements are welcome, whether they’re with the authors or with others who comment. But note we put high value on the quality of discussion here -- not how loud you can yell or how often you assert your gut feelings. There’s no reason discussion should be of a personal nature. If you make things personal, you will not be a commenting member here for long. You might receive a gentle warning. You might not, depending on the incident.

Gentle reminders to fellow commenters are encouraged. However, BYB staff are the only arbiters of the rules, with Kurt being the final say on all decisions. If you feel you've been banned wrongly, feel free to lay out a case in e-mail. Acting like a juvenile will just ensure you're never welcomed back again.

1. Stick to the discussion at hand

Game threads are open threads, but staying with the flow of the game and the thread is advisable. We all get emotional over games, but try to stay rational. Occasionally, open threads will be provided for you to discuss anything you like, as well. Otherwise stick to the topic of the post. If you cannot find any post that deals with the topic you want to discuss, see the next guideline. If you feel like you need to post the same comment on every topic, don't be surprised if a warning is issued. That's not how things are done here.

2. FanShots and FanPosts

FanShots are for quotes, photos or links you find of interest, along with some brief commentary. FanPosts are for longer, well-thought out discussions. This is where you get to blog at BYB. FanShots devoid of interesting content will likely be deleted. But do a good job and your contribution will be promoted front and center on the site for everyone to see.

By the way, links to your web sites are always welcome in your signatures, but using BYB simply to advertise your site will not be tolerated. This means shilling yourself in FanShots, FanPosts, comments, etc, will be deleted. Repeatedly advertising your own work will result in commenting privileges being revoked.

If you have an interesting link, e-mail a tip and it'll probably end up in one of our frequent links posts.

3. Discussion content

All discussions should be well-argued and well-reasoned. Facts, logic, and links to interesting stats or expert opinions are all encouraged. Unless you are a baseball professional, how you feel probably won't carry much weight around here without facts backing you up. Expect to be called out if you don't bring a solid argument.

While there is no one "right" way to be a fan, we encourage you to learn more about the game in any place you can. You might be surprised how many baseball "facts" are actually myths. We'll try to help teach you along the way, too. So bring an open mind. But if you don't understand something, ask. If you don't believe something, ask for a better explanation of why.

However, if you do not like advanced statistics, you might want to find a different site. That's the stock we trade in here. You don't have to like advanced stats, certainly. Watch a game and interact any way you want. But if you insist on telling us you don't like them, you're probably not going to be welcome here for long.

Finally, it's hard to identify a "troll" in rules, but we'll know it when we see it and we will move swiftly to ban it. Some guidelines: Starting off your first post by calling people stupid or making up derogatory nicknames for players or management.. Being melodramatic. Being argumentative for the sake of being argumentative. Bickering. Just in general, trying to make BYB a place that others no longer want to visit. If you are acting in a way we feel is destructive, you will hear about it.

4. Posting pictures

A few well-timed rally photos are fun -- and it's not a post-game victory thread without an appearance or two by Dr. Zoidberg. Going overboard is tiresome, especially to those checking in on a slower connection or maybe from a mobile phone. Use a little thought when choosing pictures. Pictures should be at most 350 pixels on any side, but don't worry if you go a bit over. Not Safe For Work photos or photos of questionable taste will definitely be deleted, and repeated offenses will result in your commenting privileges being revoked.

Here's a guide for shrinking your images, courtesy of MadPoopz.

5. Language

Sometimes things happen and you use a few words you shouldn't say in public. It happens to all of us, and there's nothing wrong with that. But repeated swearing to draw attention to yourself will not be accepted. Yell it at your screen, not ours. Those comments will be deleted and repeated offenses will result in your commenting privileges being revoked. By the way, we're a lot more lax in game threads than anywhere else. But stay within reason. Game threads are not the wild west, we do still expect civility.

6. Politics, religion, personal hangups, any-ism you can think of, etc.

Again, this is a baseball site. Check your personal views about all other topics at the door. Those views have plenty of other outlets, they are not welcome here. Repeated offenses will result in commenting privileges being revoked.

This is a site about the Tigers. We are hopefully all Tigers fans here. Anything that is divisive is not welcome.

7. All other topics

Destructive behavior will not be tolerated. Challenge our baseball views all you want, but causing trouble will not be allowed. We hate to be vague, but we'll know it when we see it. Warnings will be issued for how to correct your actions, but commenting privileges will be revoked if necessary.

8. Our readers should treat users from other SBN sites with respect

...even if they happen to root for the Yankees. In other words, everything that applies to your behavior towards fellow BYB fans should apply to fans of rival teams; ground rule violations towards fans of other teams will be actively discouraged and moderated just as vehemently as violations against regular readers

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