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New Poll: The Tigers' Biggest Need at the Winter Meetings?

For the past month, we've heard several rumors about trades the Detroit Tigers might make this offseason. Maybe Edwin Jackson could go, in an attempt to get lower-cost starting pitching. Curtis Granderson might yield a shortstop and starting pitching. Miguel Cabrera could take a big salary off the team payroll, while also bringing back some valuable prospects.

Are the Tigers looking to cut payroll? Or trying to move what players they can, working within that current budget?

We should finally get some answers this week, with baseball's annual trade show taking place at the Winter Meetings in Indianapolis. Last year, Dave Dombrowski got a starting catcher, shortstop, and starting pitcher (after almost getting a closer) at these meetings. This year, shortstop and closer are among the team's primary concerns.

But what need do the Tigers need to fill the most this week? That brings us to our new poll question:

Which position do the Tigers need to address most at the Winter Meetings?

You can find the poll on the right sidebar below the FanShots block. Or you can vote here. Please add your thoughts in the comments. And if you have suggestions for future poll questions, send them over via e-mail.