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Morning Prowl: Tigers' Objectives, Morosi's Insight, Jackson Trade Talk, and Brocail's Hoping

Here's an amusing quote from Jon Paul Morosi, previewing the Winter Meetings plans for each American League team:

I don't know what the Tigers are going to do this week. The Tigers don't know what the Tigers are going to do this week.

And this is from a guy that used to cover the team for the Detroit Free Press. But it does make you wonder what the Tigers' plan is going into these meetings. Last year, it seemed pretty clear: Get a catcher, a shortstop, and maybe a closer. Dave Dombrowski got to work on those immediately, too.

The objectives aren't quite as clear this December. Shortstop seems to be a priority. An outfielder - especially one who could also bat leadoff - might be a pursuit, as well. Strengthening the bullpen is also a big need, but how far will the Tigers go to sign a closer? Billy Wagner's $7 million contract with the Braves might have set the bar a bit higher than Detroit wants to go.

Okay, let's get to some of the scuttlebutt out there this morning:

USA Today's Bob Nightengale posted on Twitter that Edwin Jackson is still a hot name around the lobby at the Indiana Convention Center. According to him, most executives seem to think he'll be traded.

Maybe we should all read Kurt Mensching's Eight Simple Rules For Following the Winter Meetings at Mack Avenue Tigers before responding to that rumor.

Yahoo! Sports' Steve Henson says three to four teams are interested in outfielder Juan Pierre, and the Dodgers are looking at getting some kind of three-team deal done. In return, L.A. would get "a bad contract starter."

Mike Axisa at MLB Trade Rumors takes that a bit further and connects the dots to the Tigers, who (as we know painfully well) have several pitchers with bad contracts to unload.

Both's Steve Kornacki and Blake VandeBunte at The Spot Starters think Pierre would be a good fit for the Tigers' lineup. This season, Pierre batted .308/.348/.372 with 30 stolen bases in 42 attempts. Playing mostly in left field, he posted a UZR of 6.7.

With the Dodgers, could reliever George Sherill also be a possibility? At The Detroit Tigers Weblog, Bill Ferris looks at his pitching and salary numbers.

And maybe reliever Doug Brocail is in the business of trying to start rumors himself. Brocail is on Twitter and mentioned that he was in Detroit over the weekend. Was it for business or leisure? Brocail didn't make that clear, but asked, "Maybe a revival a decade later with the Tigers?" Later, he added how much he enjoyed Detroit.

With the Astros this year, Brocail pitched in only 20 games, serving three (!) separate stints on the DL due to leg and shoulder injuries. He struck out nine batters and walked 13 in 17.2 innings, posting a 4.58 ERA.