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Yankees Third Team in Tigers-Diamondbacks Trade?

As something of an update to our previous post about a Tigers-Diamondbacks deal involving Edwin Jackson, Jon Paul Morosi and Ken Rosenthal report that the New York Yankees would've (and could still be) the third team that would make such a trade work.

If it all comes together, Detroit could be involved in its second Winter Meetings blockbuster deal in three years. Not all of the particulars are known, but Jackson would go to Arizona, while Curtis Granderson gets fitted for pinstripes.

Who the Tigers get in such a scenario wasn't mentioned, but Max Scherzer is the name that keeps coming up in rumors involving the D-Backs. And presumably, someone else would come from the Yankees. (Austin Jackson and Phil Hughes were the names the Tigers asked for, according to Buster Olney.)

The report at says "the talks are at an impasse," as one of the teams involved in these discussions balked at the proposed deal. The D-Backs were the team pushing hard for the trade. But the guess is that the Yankees rejected the terms of the trade, which fits what Olney said on "Baseball Tonight" earlier this evening.

(via MLB Trade Rumors)

UPDATE: Morosi and Rosenthal updated their original report with details as to what each team would receive in the proposed deal.

• The Yankees would receive Granderson from the Tigers and one or two prospects from the Diamondbacks.

• The Diamondbacks would get Jackson from the Tigers and right-hander Ian Kennedy from the Yankees.

• The Tigers would get right-hander Max Scherzer from the Diamondbacks, and center fielder Austin Jackson and left-handed relievers Phil Coke and Michael Dunn from the Yankees