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The Deal is Almost Done

The three-way trade between the Detroit Tigers, Arizona Diamondbacks, and New York Yankees appears to be just about done. The pieces have been agreed to by each team. All that's left, according to several reports, is for medical records for the players involved to be reviewed. When discussions get to that point, it's almost a formality.

So here's how the trade shakes down, from most accounts:

  • The Tigers get centerfielder Austin Jackson and reliever Phil Coke from the Yankees, along with pitchers Max Scherzer and Daniel Schlereth from the D-Backs.
  • The Diamondbacks receive Edwin Jackson from Detroit and pitcher Ian Kennedy from the Yankees.
  • The Yankees get Curtis Granderson.

However, the deal isn't yet official. In fact, there's some disagreement as to whether Schlereth is part of the deal.'s report doesn't have Schlereth going to Detroit. But all other reports (for example, this one) seem to indicate that he's included. That's not an insignificant point.

More to come, once the deal becomes cross the t's, dot the i's official. But for now, it looks like this thing is about done.