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Evening Prowl: Granderson-Jackson Trade Reactions, Views on Scherzer, and Other Minor Deals Made Today

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As we did yesterday, let's do a little recap of Tuesday at the Winter Meetings thus far, if for no other reason than to catch some breath after the big three-team trade involving Curtis Granderson and Edwin Jackson. (Maybe you heard about it?)

The deal's still not official, pending physical exams. (Jason Beck mentioned that Granderson hadn't heard from the Tigers as of this afternoon, and hasn't heard from them in a while, which may have been an indication of their plans.) But that's apparently the only hurdle left to clear.

There's plenty to sort through, which I'm sure we'll be doing - both as a blog and community - in days, weeks, and months to come. I know there's already been a lot of that today at BYB, as this deal is viewed from several different standpoints and through a range of emotions.

As a baseball writer, I think the Tigers made a good trade and am excited about the pitching they've received in return. Max Scherzer and Daniel Schlereth should be fun to watch over the next few years. As a fan, I'm disappointed to see a popular, homegrown player like Granderson off to another team. And I really came to enjoy watching Jackson pitch this season.

For tonight, however, I'll leave the emotional reactions to The Detroit Tigers Weblog and Mack Avenue Tigers. Detroit4Lyfe rounded up a lot of the post-trade response thus far. Here's more from today:

Ken Rosenthal says the Diamondbacks viewed Scherzer as a reliever, not a starter, which is why he was on the trade block. His mechanics also raise some eyebrows among scouts.

That lines up with what D-Backs beat reporter Nick Piecoro wrote early this morning, after trade discussions had stalled. Lack of a consistent third pitch, an inability to pitch deep into ballgames, and - again - those mechanics were all causes for concern.

(Hat tip to Mike McClary)

Fangraphs' Dave Cameron believes the Yankees are the winner in this deal, as they're getting the best player in Granderson. But he thinks the trade "makes some sense" for the Tigers.

ESPN's Keith Law, however, thinks Detroit came out on top here, getting two power arms and a full-time, lower-cost centerfielder. Law especially likes Schlereth out of the Tigers' bullpen, and sees Jim Leyland handling him well. (Insider)

If you'd like to learn more about Austin Jackson, the centerfielder coming to Detroit in return for Granderson, check out this NY Times profile of him. Tyler Kepner writes about Jackson's lack of power, basketball skills that almost led him to Georgia Tech (and comparisons to Chauncey Billups), and his status as a top prospect in the Yankees' organization.

(Thanks to granderson28 - who might have to change that screen name - for posting that in comments.)

In a FanPost, Boney thinks Tigers fans will eventually learn to like this trade.

Long-time Tigers minor leaguer Mike Hessman signed with the Mets today. The agreement is a minor league deal, with a payout if Hessman chooses to play in Japan (the amount depends on when he goes). Hessman didn't get a call up to Detroit this year, batting .217/.324/.442 with 23 homers and 77 RBIs in 131 games with Triple-A Toledo.

Detroit also picked up a minor league catcher this afternoon, signing Robinzon Diaz. Diaz played with the Pirates this year, splitting time between the Triple-A and major league clubs. The Tigers were reportedly interested in Diaz before the trade deadline.