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"Scattered Interest" in Carlos Guillen?

At times, it's felt like Jon Paul Morosi is the shadow author of this blog, given how many of his rumors and reports have been recycled here. Having said that, Morosi mentioned late last night (or early this morning) that there was "some scattered interest" around the Winter Meetings in Carlos Guillen.

This seems like the wishiest of wishful thinking on the part of the Tigers, as Guillen is really a man without a position in Detroit (despite Jim Leyland promising him the left field job next season.) But maybe other teams are checking if the Tigers would be interested in picking up part of his contract while unloading him.

Guillen's still a decent bat, who can presumably play every infield position, as well as left field, though injuries restricted him to only 81 games this season. He batted .242/.339/.419 with 11 home runs and 41 RBIs in 322 plate appearances.

Guillen is owed a total of $26 million on the remaining two years of his contract.

Let the Guillen-for-Milton Bradley talk resume... now.