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Open Thread: A Baseball Lovefest

With Spring Training beginning today and Valentine's Day tomorrow, this seems like the right time for an open thread I wanted to post ever since watching this video by Steve Isaacs. Inspired by the "Lovefest" room on FriendFeed, Isaacs ran off a list of things he loved, such as 30 Rock, a good cup of coffee, and New York's first snowfall of the season.

(By the way, if you're on FriendFeed, let's friend up.)

I thought we could do the same thing here, in the spirit of the occasion. (I hesitate to call it a holiday, because no one's getting a day off.) I know some (maybe most) people are hesitant to embrace the Tigers this season, after the massive disappointment of last year. An unspectacular offseason (though I think it was a smart one) didn't help in that regard. There's a lot of work to do in healing those hard feelings. But most of us still love our team and still love baseball. So let's hear about it.

What do you love about baseball? About the Detroit Tigers? About this time of year? Post your thoughts in the comments - as many as you'd like.

Just to throw the ball out there, I'll get it started.

  • I love getting to the ballpark early, when it feels like you and a few hundred of your close friends are watching some guys play catch.
  • I love watching Miguel Cabrera hit home runs to right field.
  • I love the shortstop gloving the ball deep in the hole, throwing on the run, and beating the runner at first by a step.
  • I love the 12-to-6 curveball.
  • I love visiting another city and seeing someone wearing a Tigers cap.
  • Okay, it's your turn, people. (I apologize in advance if I beat anyone to an idea.) Don't be shy. Express your love! Open up that box of chocolates and pick out your favorite.