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Addition By Subtraction?

Two former Detroit Tigers top Jayson Stark's poll of 15 "baseball sages" for the worst free agent signings of the offseason. They're just not that into you, Edgar Renteria and Kyle Farnsworth.

There was nothing -- nothing -- in this poll that our panelists agreed on more thunderously than how out of line they thought the Renteria deal was with the rest of the market. One NL exec got so worked up, he even voted for this deal twice. Why? Here's just a sampling of the vociferous opinions: "The only thing more in decline than his three-year drop in homers and RBIs is his range." … "Probably should have gotten a third of that money." … And this succinct review: "That guy's done." Meanwhile, Farnsworth allowed 27 hits in 16 innings in Detroit, and still, somehow, got a two-year deal.

The only signing that was worse than Renteria or Farnsworth, in the eyes of the panel, was Adam Dunn's two-year, $20 million deal with the Washington Nationals.