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Morning Prowl: Fu-Te, Predictions, Hijinks, and Busts

[It's Spring Training for us, too. So we might be trying out a few new things in the weeks to come. It's like Jeremy Bonderman's change-up. We might keep it; we might not. These morning links could become a semi-daily thing.]

In his look at each team's non-roster invitees, Baseball Prospectus's Joe Sheehan thinks Fu-Te Ni has a chance to make the major league roster.

Our buddy Kurt wrote a piece on the Tigers' offseason for Baseball Reflections.

If the performance of Detroit's pitchers has you thinking Rick Knapp is doing it with mirrors, you might actually be right.

Lynn Henning sees the Tigers going 88-74 this season. I... can't argue with that at all. In conversations with other Tigers bloggers, such as Mike, Blake, and Sean, 88 was the win total I threw out there, too.

Where does Lance Parrish rank on The Spot Starters' list of Top 100 Tigers?

Who changed the nameplate on Brandon Inge's locker? Inge has a suspect in mind.

Remember Scott Moore? First-round pick (eighth overall) by the Tigers in 2002. Traded for Kyle Farnsworth in 2005. Now, after being designated for assignment, he cleared waivers and remains with the Orioles.