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Morning Prowl: Sheff, the WBC, The Gambler, and Social Media

Let's see if he feels this way in June, but for now, Gary Sheffield says "I'm a DH" and won't ask to play in the outfield this season.

Placido Polanco told Jon Paul Morosi that he'll be skipping the World Baseball Classic. Does anyone else wish Justin Verlander was opting out, as well?

Jeremy Bonderman still keeps in touch with Kenny Rogers, and is trying to coax him into coming back. However, Rogers is apparently comfortable with retirement.

If you're into power rankings, the Tigers rank 25th on FOX Sports' preseason list. (Lynn Henning has a response.)

DesigNate Robertson is not happy about Adam Everett's choice of number.

You can now keep up on your Toledo Mud Hens via Twitter, with @MudHens.

In case you didn't know, we are also on Twitter at @blessyouboys. (I'd like to do much more with Twitter this year, and plan to install a sidebar widget this week.) If you want to feed my narcissism, my personal account is @iancass.

Other Tigers-related Twitter accounts worth following are @TweetingTigers (which aggregates all Tigers news and blog feeds), @detroit_tigers (, @MikeMcClary (or @DailyFungo), @joedexter, and @billfer. If I missed any, please let me know.

While we're on a social media kick, you can become a fan of the Detroit Tigers on Facebook. (However, as Matt Wallace and I discussed last night, there are several ways to declare your Tigers fanhood on Facebook.)