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Morning Prowl: Prospects, Haters, Jokers, and Tickets

If you need to get up to speed on your minor leaguers, FanGraphs takes a quick look at the Detroit Tigers' top prospects.

Who's a "Nater Hater"? Me?

Brian VanOchten of the Grand Rapids Press has a good interview with Jack Morris, who was in town to sign autographs. Most of the chat has to do with the Hall of Fame, but Morris is pretty candid about the voting process and how he could've handled himself differently over his career.

This is just a small item in Tom Gage's notebook, but I love reading about baseball players' relationships with their gloves. Adam Everett almost has one of his right where he wants it.

Okay, maybe I got a little bit too worked up about those rumors of Juan Cruz going to the Twins in a sign-and-trade deal with the D-Backs. LaVelle E. Neal III of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune says "there's little reason to feel optimistic" about making this happen.

(via Twinkie Town)

If you always wanted to know a little more about the man the Tigers' Spring Training ballpark is named after, John Bacon has just the article for you in the Detroit News.

This might have been the most predictable outcome of the offseason: Season ticket sales are down at Comerica Park. (By the way, did anyone reading this go to Saturday's "Select-a-Seat" event?)