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Morning Prowl: Perfectionism, Photography, Paczkis, and Performance Enhancing

In this week's mailbag, Jason Beck talks about Rick Porcello's pitching repertoire and whether or not Curtis Granderson's perfectionism prevents him from trying to steal more bases.

At Roar of the Tigers, Samara gives us a photography tutorial, in response to the Tigers' portraits taken for Getty Images. (One of this life's great pleasures is when she makes fun of MLB roster photos. Our anticipation is eager.)

How many Paczki have you eaten today? After devouring a massive combo of dough and blueberry jelly, I'm happy to read about Joel Zumaya putting on some weight.

According to the Tigers' official blog, season tickets are being mailed out this week. When you get yours, take a picture and post it in the FanShots!

Have you ever read Buster Olney's story about his run-in with Deion Sanders back in their respective minor league days? It's ESPN Insider content, but if you don't have an account, ShysterBall has an excerpt.

How far are we from the day when a baseball player apologizes for his caffeine intake?

(Full disclosure: I'm into my second cup of coffee as I write this. And I'm sorry. I was young and stupid when I first started drinking coffee. Things were loosey-goosey. And I was nervous about living up to the responsibility of blogging for SB Nation.)