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Tomorrow's Spring Training Opener

I've gotten a few questions via e-mail and instant message about tomorrow's Spring Training opener vs. the Braves, so I thought I'd post a note here. The game will not be televised. The first Spring Training telecast will be March 16 on FOX Sports Net Detroit.

You can listen to the game on radio, however, as WXYT will broadcast the game. (I'm assuming on both 1270 AM and 97.1 FM.) 'XYT can't stream the broadcast on the internet, however, so unless you're within range of a Tigers radio affiliate (here's a list of them), you're out of luck, it appears.

Will we have an Open Thread for the game? If there's any interest in one, sure. Maybe that would give people a way to post some updates. (If I happen to be near a radio, I might post some updates on Twitter, as well. And I just installed a widget in the left-hand sidebar, so you can read that stuff here.) Let me know what you think.