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SB Nation Partners Up with Yahoo! Sports

As of last night, it became official: SB Nation and Yahoo! Sports have announced a partnership agreement that will feature our blog content on Yahoo! team pages.

What does this mean? If you click over to the Yahoo! Detroit Tigers page and scroll down a bit, you'll notice a box on the left that has headlines and links to stories posted on Bless You Boys. As a result, we could see an influx of new readers and users here.

In terms of reading experience, however, nothing much should change. You'll be able to use a Yahoo! ID or OpenID to sign in, but if you've already registered with SBN, that shouldn't matter. But if you've been lurking and hesitant to join the fun, yet already have a Yahoo! ID, come on in and join the fun. I'd encourage you to check out the Welcome Guide as well as SBN's official announcement to learn about setting up your profile, browsing through the network, and posting FanPosts and Fanshots.

Otherwise, this should be the same BYB you've become accustomed to. We'll keep covering the pertinent (and maybe not so pertinent) Tigers news of the day. And on game days, we'll have GameThreads in which you can talk about what's going on with your fellow Tigers fans. We'll follow those up with Post-Game Recaps, in which we celebrate or commiserate the final results of the night.

I certainly don't intend on changing the way I write. (I might be making the recaps a bit more standardized, while still allowing for the well-placed rant, but we'll discuss that in the weeks to come.) Sure, we take this stuff seriously, but we need to have some fun, too.

To any new users clicking over from Yahoo! Sports, welcome! All that we ask, really, is that you be nice to your fellow user. You can argue and discuss without making things personal. (Obviously, that goes for the regulars, too.)

If you have any questions, the comments section is yours.