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Morning Prowl: Meet Blake, Excited for Edwin, and How's Maybin?

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Blake of The Spot Starters was interviewed by It's Just Sports as part of their "Better Know a Blogger" series. (I see they've already moved onto other Tigers bloggers. Well, then.) Employing his typically probing questions, Patrick Hayes asks where Craig Paquette is on Blake's Top 100 Tigers list.

After watching Edwin Jackson in action yesterday, Lynn Henning thinks the trade was a steal for Detroit.

The Big Lead sees the Tigers' bullpen as "a potential disaster." Was 2006 the fluke or is hoping for a return to that performance realistic?

If you've been wondering how Cameron Maybin is doing with the Marlins, this USA Today profile might be just what you were looking for.

No need to worry about Juan Cruz ending up with the Twins. According to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Cruz rejected Minnesota's contract offer before a trade could even be worked out.

(via MLB Trade Rumors)