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Interest in a BYB Fantasy League?

Last night, ReichardZ asked me via Twitter if I'd given any consideration to putting together a fantasy baseball league for the BYB community. And I have to admit, the thought crossed my mind at some point last month, but it got lost in the shuffle. However, Zachary caught me at just the right time, when I was putting together my notes and rankings (Spiral notebook!) for a draft this weekend. (Blake, you are going down, my brother.) The timing was impossible to ignore.

So I said I'd put it to the people. Would you guys be interested in playing fantasy baseball with your BYB peers? Nothing fancy. Something like a 10-to-12-team, head-to-head, 5 x 5 scoring league. Probably through Yahoo (no mess, no fuss - and yes, I realize there's probably an ad for CBS Sports' fantasy baseball below this post).

I'd prefer not to start up a league unless we get enough people, though. So if 10 or 12 of you are game, e-mail me. First come, first serve. And when we put together a respectable number of teams, I'll set everything up and send out invites.

Sound good? If you have any suggestions or preferences, leave them in the comments. Can you live the fantasy life?