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Like Stripes on the Fur Coat of a Tiger - 02/05

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Our friend Mike McClary was a guest on Baseball Digest Live yesterday. It's good for a listen, if you want to hear what the national perception of the Tigers might be going into this season. And Mike did a great job representing the Tigersosphere. (His segment begins at the 56:10 mark.)

Have you welcomed back Mack Avenue Tigers yet? (Kurt's doing the personal blog thing too, which I'm looking forward to reading.)

It's Just Sports stumbled upon some possibly insane speculation/wishful thinking from Bill Simmons regarding Miguel Cabrera. It's not the first time I've seen this, either. Maybe I'm naive (and hopeful), but I find it hard to believe the economy would push the Tigers in this direction.

Tom Gage thinks it's clear the Tigers intended to reduce payroll by 10% for this season. Captain Obvious statement or insightful observation?

I'm a few days late with this, but would like to publicly bow my head for the demise of Baseball Toaster. I found some of the first baseball blogs I ever became interested in over there (glad to see that Dodger Thoughts and Bronx Banter live on), and they definitely played an influence in how I've tried to establish a voice here at BYB.

At Minor League Ball, John Sickels has posted a three-part "Recent History of Catching Prospects," which includes several familiar names of Tigers past and present that might interest you. (Here are parts one, two, and three.)

Sickels also posted excerpts from his newest book, one of which is for shortstop prospect Cale Iorg. (And we already know that Sickels isn't very high on Iorg.)

Would you wear one of these? I might go for the Pedro Cerrano shirt. But where's a Billy Chapel or Billy Young shirt?

This is from a couple weeks back, but Geoff Baker of the Seattle Times rated the American League press boxes. Where does Comerica Park rank?

So is anyone else in the BYB community interested in reading The Yankee Years? But maybe I'm being swayed by the hype.

My Tigers-related justification is curiosity over Gary Sheffield possibly being mentioned in the book. My baseball fan justification is that Tom Verducci is a fine writer. But I'm still surprised Joe Torre didn't wait until after he retired from managing for something like this.