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TV Alert: Watch Clemens Strike Out 20 Tigers

Tomorrow is apparently "20 Strikeouts Day" on MLB Network. Four games in which a pitcher struck out 20 batters will be shown, beginning at noon.

Of course, that list includes the game from September 18, 1996 at Tiger Stadium, in which Roger Clemens, pitching for the Boston Red Sox, racked up 20 Ks against the Detroit Tigers. The broadcast is at 3 p.m. EST. (The game will be shown again at 5:30 a.m.)

Detroit's starting pitcher that night was Justin Thompson. The top five of the batting order was Bobby Higginson, Alan Trammell, Ruben Sierra, Tony Clark, and Travis Fryman. Fryman may have done the most to make Clemens look good, striking out four times.

You can view the boxscore of the game here, thanks to

That Tigers team, you might remember (or choose not to), went on to finish last in the AL East that season with a 53-109 record. Yowza.

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