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Morning Prowl: Jackson, Porcello, Gingerbread, and Pudge

Rays Index experienced a case of jaw drop at Edwin Jackson being compared to Bob Gibson. In fairness, the Freep's John Lowe probably didn't write this headline.

(via Big League Stew)

Tigers' TV play-by-play announcer Mario Impemba chimes in on the fifth starter competition. And like the rest of us (I'm presuming), he's very intrigued by Rick Porcello.

The Oakland Press's Jim Hawkins thinks there's quite a bit of spin from the Tigers in their apparent excitement over Saturday's single-ticket sales.

John Perrotto's Sunday column at Baseball Prospectus was largely devoted to the Tigers' "hype-free" Spring Training. Jim Leyland has a funny quote about all the "gingerbread" he gave to writers with all of his lineup shuffling last year.

Cameron Maybin compares playing with a veteran Tigers team to his current situation with a younger Florida Marlins club.

Could Joe Mauer's back pain keep him out of the Twins' lineup by Opening Day? Twinkie Town considers what the Minnesota lineup would look like without him.

Sam Mellinger addresses a thought that's come up among some Royals fans: What if Kansas City signed Pudge Rodriguez?

(If that were to happen - and Mellinger says it's pure speculation - wouldn't it be weird to see Pudge possibly catching Kyle Farnsworth after the two were traded for each other last year?)