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Morning Prowl: Tigers Corner, C-Mo, Rhymes, and Cordero

Some of you may have noticed there's no "Tigers Corner" annual this year (as there was in 2007 and 2008) - and believe me, those of us who wrote something for it notice - but the editors of what would've been the 2009 edition have started a website (now in beta) that will run some of the articles that unfortunately didn't see print this spring.

Several Tigers bloggers that you're familiar with contributed material, and hopefully you'll get to read it online soon.

Say that again? Who hit three home runs yesterday? Craig Monroe?

Post-Gazette Pirates beat writer Dejan Kovacevic mentions that Monroe is two homers away from the team Spring Training record. (Craig Wilson hit eight in 2005.)

Matt Watson previews the 2009 Detroit Tigers over at Fanhouse. We love his description of Nate Robertson's 2008 season.

Will Rhymes let Jim Leyland's recent compliments get into his head. He seems to have shaken that off, however, and gotten back to business. (Leyland has a couple of funny quotes in the article.)

I don't think there was much need for the Tigers to pursue Chad Cordero anymore, as the bullpen looks pretty full (along with prospects ready to step in, if needed). As it is, he's now off the market, after signing a minor-league deal with the Seattle Mariners.

Here's a follow-up story on Monroe in today's Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Working with Rudy Jaramillo to get rid of his leg kick is apparently paying dividends with his swing.