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Morning Prowl: Grandyland, Previews, and Condolences

Doing these on Saturdays (the one day we sleep in) wasn't part of the original plan, but there's some good stuff out there this morning.

Proving that Curtis Granderson will talk to anyone, he chatted with Big League Stew for their inaugural podcast. (Ha! We kid 'Duk because we love. Hey, Curtis even talked to me once... although the interview never saw print because the magazine that was running it folded before publication.)

Glad to see the BLS crew join the other Yahoo! Sports blogs on the audio side, and they couldn't have picked a better guy for their first interview.

Meanwhile, Jim Leyland is worried if Granderson is getting enough playing time with Team USA to stay sharp.

Detroit4Lyfe has posted their 2009 Detroit Tigers preview. You'll never believe who's doing it for them, and he apparently has a different way of looking at these things.

How about a video-style preview? Over at Fanhouse, Pat Lackey put together an entertaining collection of clips and captions. Even if you don't agree with his prediction, it comes with some giggles.

If you'd like to stay with the text, MLB Trade Rumors takes a look at the Tigers' offseason moves and how they'll affect the upcoming season. The comments are worth a read, as well, as opinions are mixed.

Rob Neyer responds to MLBTR's preview and gives us his own thoughts on what could be for the Tigers.

Neyer's colleague, Jayson Stark, circles three question marks on Detroit's pitching staff that make the Tigers such a puzzling team to figure out going into this season. Justin Verlander also shares his theories as to why he struggled last year.

(via The Spot Starters)

One more thing on Verlander at Jason Grey looks at the adjustments Verlander has made in his mechanics and looks for a bounce-back season.

Old English D reviews the MLB Network documentary "We Are Young," which follows the rise and fall of Dmitri Young, and the development of his brother, Delmon. (I've missed the show both times it's been on, and am waiting for another rerun.)

Finally, condolences to the Detroit Pistons organization and the Davidson family for the loss of Bill Davidson, who died last night at the age of 86. He wasn't just a visionary sports owner, but an important businessman and a generous philanthropist. Metro Detroit really lost a good one.