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Morning Prowl: Booing Maggs, Watching Rincon, and Tracking Pudge

For a more "on the scene" account of Venezuelan fans in Miami booing Magglio Ordonez, check out Ken Davidoff's column for Newsday. How will those same fans treat Maggs tonight?

Yesterday, we mentioned Ryan Perry as the reliever who could take Joel Zumaya's spot in the Tigers bullpen to begin the season, but what about Juan Rincon? He's having a fine Spring Training.

Where in the majors will Pudge Rodriguez end up? Close your eyes, and choose a spot. He could wind up with the Astros. Maybe the Giants. (As a utility guy?) Or possibly... the Twins?

Twinkie Town wants nothing to do with Pudge, saying such a move doesn't make sense.

Jason Beck posted a cool photo of yesterday's Space Shuttle launch from Kennedy Space Center. It's similar to a scene from The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, except no Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett smooching.

Number 4 - The Smirk compares Rick Porcello's development with Zack Greinke's fast rise through the Royals system.

Old English D wonders where all those unused major league bats go, after being rejected by their keepers.

Finally, congratulations to the Michigan State Spartans for their #2 seed in the NCAA Tournament Midwest Regional. But the big cheer here goes to the Michigan Wolverines for ending their 10-year tournament drought. (And thank you, CBS, for making us sweat it out until the end. That was fun.)

This year's tourney should be a lot of fun. Any interest in a BYB Bracket Blowout? (Check back in a few hours.)