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The BYB Bracket Blowout: Your Shining Moment

Maybe I'm just a bit caught up in NCAA Tournament excitement (or should I say, "March Madness") with Michigan finally winning a bid after a 10-year absence. But we had a good response with the inaugural edition of the BYB Fantasy Baseball League, so I thought I'd try to keep the fun going with a tournament bracket for the BYB community.

So I opened up a Tourney Pick 'Em Challenge at Yahoo for us to play in. Or as we like to call it, The BYB Bracket Blowout. ("64 chances to be wrong!") Here is the pertinent information you need:

Group ID: 120442
Password: bybhoops

I'm not usually one to stifle creativity, but just so we know which bracket belongs to whom, please name your bracket after the screen name you use here.

And to make it interesting, we'll say the winner gets the BYB Gear t-shirt of his or her choice. (I really need to update some of those shirts.) Not many human beings are walking around with one of those actually on their torso, so you'd be joining an exclusive club.

Click here to enter your bracket. Get those picks in by 12 noon EST on Thursday!