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Morning Prowl: Degrees of Ludwick, the Top Tiger, Dissecting Frogs, and Raburn Love

TigerBlog points out two interesting connections that Cardinals outfielder Ryan Ludwick has with two current Tigers. You may now return to lamenting that he was in the Tigers' organization three years ago.

Who is #1 on The Spot Starters' Top 100 Tigers list? Maybe it won't surprise you, but hopefully you enjoyed the journey more than the final destination.

Jon Paul Morosi notes an underlying problem with Joel Zumaya, even if he manages to come back healthy. Will he be able to pitch on back-to-back days? And if not, how much can he really help the Tigers - even if he's throwing well?

Will Rhymes continues to light up Jim Leyland's life. (And who knew dissecting frogs impressed him so much?) Could he be Placido Polanco's successor at second base next year?

Who has "the least valuable system in all of baseball"? According to Beyond the Box Score, it's your Detroit Tigers.

If you're interested, Keith Law has some thoughts on two forrmer Tigers prospects - Guillermo Moscoso and James Skelton - in his latest blog post at

Blake also reports what several former Tigers - those not still working in the team's organization - are up to these days. If you've found yourself wondering "What is Chris Truby doing now?" this is the post for you.

In the FanPosts, Boney has a thing called Raburn Love. (Free Ryan Raburn!)

You have two days (and a morning) left to enter your NCAA Tournament picks in the BYB Bracket Blowout. Don't you want your shining moment? (Or a "Free Ryan Raburn" t-shirt?)