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Porcello Pushed Back Again

Rick Porcello's cut right finger isn't healing quite as quickly as the Detroit Tigers may have hoped, and thus his scheduled start for Friday has been pushed back to Saturday. According to Jason Beck, Jim Leyland said that Porcello could sit out more if he can't throw a side session without that finger cracking open again.

If Porcello can go on Saturday, his match-up will have changed from the Washington Nationals (Friday's opponent) to the New York Yankees. Welcome to the big leagues, kid.

And this is really stretching, but if there's a bright side to this news, it's that Nate Robertson will now actually be on a separate pitching schedule from Dontrelle Willis. Instead of pitching a game in-camp on Thursday, while Willis started the major league game, Robertson will replace Porcello on Friday. Hey, I admitted it was a stretch.