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Morning Prowl: Imaginary Chats, Keen on Fien, Funny Photos, and Joyce Plays

Nobody does a season preview like The Dugout. Here's their look at the Detroit Tigers and... a chat between Gary Sheffield and Magglio Ordonez about Hugo Chavez?

Be honest: Even though Team USA's walk-off win over Puerto Rico last night was exciting, as a Tigers fan, were you disappointed that this will keep Curtis Granderson away from Lakeland a bit longer?

In a St. Louis Post-Dispatch Q&A with Cardinals' GM Jeff Luhnow, one fan laments the team's decision to draft shortstop Pete Kozma instead of Rick Porcello.

Lynn Henning likes Casey Fien's chances of making the team. Just pardon his awful attempt at pop culture hipness in the simile that follows.

(I named Fien as a possible breakout player for the Tigers in my chat with Seth Stohs last night. Although I also mentioned Ryan Perry, just to cover my bases. Audio to be posted later today.)

This could be the photo of the day from yesterday's Tigers-Astros game. But this one is pretty good, too. You make the call.

But really, weren't these the funniest photos to be released yesterday? Oh, A-Rod.

Not that anyone was suggesting that Timo Perez be on the Tigers' bench this season, but Rob Neyer takes exception to Jim Leyland's praise of him anyway.

DRaysBay compares Matt Joyce to... Jeromy Burnitz? The two of them had similar starts to the major league careers, with a couple of differences. I remember wanting Burnitz in the Old English D badly when Phil Garner was Detroit's manager. Then Milwaukee had to go trade him to the Mets. Bah.

Joyce, by the way, hadn't played all spring until yesterday, due to tendinitis in his knee.

Someone who turned the Netherlands' improbable WBC run into possibly gainful employment? Sidney Ponson, who signed a minor-league deal with the Kansas City Royals yesterday. David Pinto gives him two months.

(Hat tip to Mike McClary)