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Morning Prowl: Guillen Plays Third, Not Fab Freddy, Tales from Lakeland, and Love for Relievers

Who was that at third base for Team Venezuela last night? Carlos Guillen? Didn't he say he'd only play left field in the WBC? Giving his country what it needed, Guillen agreed to fill in for the injured Melvin Mora. (Mora!!!)

How do you think Jim Leyland is liking this World Baseball Classic right about now?

If you're still thinking that the Tigers should've brought back Freddy Garcia for this season, consider that the New York Mets are reportedly about to release him. He's apparently lost out in their fifth starter competition.

(via MLB Trade Rumors)

Lee just returned from Lakeland and has some Tiger Tales to share. I was soaked in envy reading his post. I have to break my Spring Training seal in the next year or two. Also heading down to catch some Grapefruit League play is Tiger Geist.

For those who have been to Spring Training, is it better to go earlier or later in the schedule, or does it really not matter?

Leyland continues to be impressed by Casey Fien, the strike-throwing machine. (A bit much to fit on a t-shirt, but I'm putting my mind to it.)

Over at Viva El Birdos, the red baron was impressed by Ryan Perry and feeling pretty good that he was right about him in his draft preview last year.

From the "nice problem to have" department, the Tigers could be facing some tough decisions in the weeks to come about which relievers to keep, with three spots to fill and quite a few guys throwing well.

DesigNate Robertson has a shot-in-the-dark candidate for the Tigers' fifth starting pitcher. I agree that it won't happen, but I like where Rogo's head is at. We like moxie here.

The Freep's John Lowe volleyed some questions and answers with second baseman Will Rhymes. Is he the best position player story for the Tigers this spring?

With the NCAA basketball tournament opening today, Jesse Spector talked to some baseball players about their picks, including two Detroit Tigers.